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Harvard College students, GSAS students, cross-registered students

FAS Final Exam Schedule

The three-hour final exam schedule includes times of exams and the locations. The schedule only includes courses that have requested a seated three-hour final exam. Contact your instructor for information regarding other final assessments.


The Fall 2022 Final Exam Schedule will be available at a later date.

Exam conflicts

As you review the FAS Final Exam Schedule, check to confirm whether you have exam conflicts and need to reschedule your exam. Follow the instructions based on the type of exam conflict you have. You may also need to take action to receive accommodations for disability and health reasons or for religious observance

Support throughout exams

Exam period can be busy and stressful, but remember that you always have resources and people who can help you – please don’t hesitate to reach out for support. 

  • Have an adviser, family member, faculty member, staff member, or tutor/proctor in mind whom you can call when things get toughest.
  • Harvard College students should reach out to a Resident Dean or First-Year Resident Dean. They can help you figure out your options and solve problems that arise as you near your exam date.  
  • Ask for help and communicate with faculty and advisers as soon as possible when concerns arise.

Preparing to take your exam

Review policies

  • GSAS students should review the GSAS Examination Requirements.
  • Harvard College students should:
    • Review the 2021-22 extensions of time policy (different from last year): If you encounter unexpected difficulties in completing your work, you should consult your Resident Dean. Extensions of time up to the end of the Examination Period may be granted by your instructor, but extensions beyond the Examination Period can be granted only by vote of the Administrative Board.
    • Re-read the Honor CodeRemember that it is ok to be unsure about some of your exam answers and that it's ok to not to be able to answer every question.
    • Review the Examination RulesKnow what is permitted during your exam.  

Check dates

  • Review your final exam dates and locations: Do not miss the scheduled time of your exam. Know the dates and locations (they will probably be different from where you have class) and add them to your calendar or planner. 
  • Re-read the syllabus for each of your courses: Know the deadlines for any final assignments and understand the collaboration policy for the course. 

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Need Assistance?

Exams Support

Email: Accessible Education Office at aeo@fas.harvard.edu

Call: the Accessible Education Office at 617-496-8707

For TTY: contact the Accessible Education Office via Relay 711

  • if you have a disability and need an exam accommodation

VisitResident Dean for Harvard College students 

Email: FAS Registrar's Office – Exams Team for GSAS students 

  • if you have questions about your exam