Submit your Dissertation

Step 1: Format your dissertation according to the GSAS Policies

  • After you submit your dissertation through ProQuest, the Registrar's Office will review your dissertation for formatting compliance. We will email you directly if  your dissertation does not meet the requirements. 
  • IMPORTANT:  If you don't resolve any noted formatting issues, your degree might not be conferred and you will need to apply for the next available degree period. 

Step 2: Attach your Dissertation Acceptance Certificate (DAC) as the first page of your dissertation.

  • Check to confirm that your DAC is complete and electronically signed.
  • You must also upload the DAC to ProQuest ETD separately from your dissertation as indicated in Step 3. 

Step 3: Add required documents to ProQuest ETD.

  • Upload the DAC to the Administrative Documents section of ProQuest ETD. 
  • Complete the GSAS Employment Exit Survey.
  • Complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates.

Step 4: If applicable, request a delayed release of your dissertation. 

If you would like to request a delayed release of your dissertation longer than 2 years:

  • Upload a signed Dissertation Delayed Release Request to the Administrative Documents section of ProQuest ETD. The form should show Director of Graduate Studies approval of your request.
  • If you do not have a completed document when submitting your dissertation, you must ask your Director of Graduate Studies to email, acknowledging approval of the delayed release request. 

Step 5: Submit your dissertation using ProQuest ETD.

  • GSAS requires dissertations to be submitted using ProQuest ETD.
  • You must submit your dissertation by 11:59 pm on the deadline date for the given degree period.

Step 6: Check the status of your submission.

  • You can check the status of your dissertation submission at anytime by logging in to ProQuest ETD

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