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Instructional staff including faculty, teaching fellows, and teaching assistants

Grading responsibilities

It is the Head Instructor’s responsibility to post (submit) final grades. Even after assigning grading permission to proxy graders, Head Instructors still need to post final grades. If you are unable to add a teaching fellow as a proxy grader, please contact  

More information about your responsibility for evaluation is available in the Information for Faculty Handbook.  

Student Privacy

Grading system

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences uses the following systems of letter and non-letter grades to evaluate student work:

Exam and grade entry deadlines

Each semester, the Registrar's Office publishes a a list of exam/final deadline groups and grade entry deadlines for each individual course. Once grading opens for the semester, you will receive a series of reminders with your individual grading deadlines. 

Download Spring 2022 Grading Deadlines

Instructor roles in my.harvard and grading access

Your grading access level in my.harvard determines your ability to post grades. Your Curriculum Coordinator will provide you with grading access when they set up your course. To learn more about additional roles, please review the FAS Instructor Roles and Grading Access documentation. 

Final Grades: Only Head Instructors can post (submit) final grades. 

FAS Position FAS Permission Level
Head Instructors Grade, Approve, Post (Submit)
Instructors Grade, Approve
Teaching Fellows Grade*
Teaching Assistants Grade*

*Permission to grade is not automatic. Access will be granted once the department curriculum coordinator updates your access on the course, or the Head Instructor assigns proxy grader status. Learn how to assign a proxy grader

The main difference between the Grade permission and the Approve/Post permissions is that the Grade permission cannot revert the grade status once they have changed it. 





Enter individual grades or upload grades




Change approval status from Not Reviewed to Ready for Review




Move freely between approval statuses
(Not Reviewed, Ready for Review, Approved)




Post (submit) final grades




Submitting grades

Submitting grades is a multi-step process: If all the steps below are not completed, you will receive a reminder about grades being late.  

Step 1: Make sure to review the grade entry deadlines for your courses. For your convenience, the FAS Registrar's Office will send you a series of custom email reminders about your courses and grade roster status.

Step 2: If you are a Head Instructor and need someone else to enter grades, assign a proxy grader in my.harvard. (Note: If you have assigned a proxy grader, you still must submit (post) the final grades in my.harvard.)

Guidelines for assigning proxy graders:

  • Please review the IT Help – Instructions for assigning proxy graders.  
  • Reassign proxy grader permissions each semester. Proxy grader access does not carry over semester to semester.  
  • Proxy graders must be affiliated with the department offering the course. 
  • Please allow up to 6 hours for proxy grading permissions to take effect.  

Step 3: After you enter all individual grades you must post the grades in my.harvard.

All grading instructions

Partial post

If needed, you can use the Partial Post feature to post your grade roster in my.harvard without entering grades for all students (you must have Post grading responsibility to do this). If you have a student who hasn’t turned in final work, leave the grade entry blank and submit partial post.

  • Once the Administrative Board approves an extension or makeup, we will update the blank entry with a notation of EXT or MKP.
  • If the student is not petitioning for an extension or makeup, please submit a grade for the work completed.

Early grading for graduating students

All grades for graduating students must be posted by the earliest deadline listed Due Dates for Grades page of the Faculty Handbook.

Incomplete grades for graduate students

Incomplete grades (INC) are granted to graduate students only at the discretion of the instructor.

  • If a student receives an INC, the student must complete coursework during the term that immediately follows the INC term. For example, if a student receives an INC during the Fall 2021 term, the student must complete the coursework during the Spring 2022 term.
  • Even if the student's registration status during the term is leave of absence, the student must complete coursework during this time frame. The only exception is if the student is given an earlier deadline by the instructor. If the work is not submitted within the required time frame, the INC becomes a permanent grade, unless the student has petitioned successfully for an extension.

Faculty members should submit final grades to replace the INCs through using the grade change instructions.  

Need Assistance?

Grading and Proxy Grader Support


  • for help with grading

Contact: your department’s Curriculum Coordinator

  • if your potential proxy grader is not affiliated with your department
  • if you would like to change the permission level for a proxy grader 

  • if you are unable to add a Teaching Fellow as a proxy grader