MIT ROTC Course Registration and Crediting

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Harvard College students taking courses through the MIT ROTC program

How to enroll in MIT ROTC courses

Your MIT ROTC unit staff will enroll you in ROTC courses internally at MIT.

  • No further action is needed on your part.
  • You will not be able to register for your MIT ROTC classes in my.harvard.
  • MIT ROTC courses will not be visible in your my.harvard course enrollment record.


Harvard College students may earn up to eight Harvard credits (equivalent to two Harvard 4-credit courses) towards their Harvard degree for their MIT ROTC coursework. Courses will count toward Harvard's overall credit requirement but will not factor into a student's GPA (unless it is a failing grade) or satisfy any concentration requirements.

To be eligible for any Harvard credit:

  • The MIT ROTC course must be in Naval Science (NS), Military Science (MS), or Aerospace Studies (AS)
  • The MIT ROTC course must earn at least six MIT units (equivalent to two Harvard credits minimum)
  • You must be officially enrolled in one of the three MIT ROTC programs during the semester you take the course

To officially receive up to 8 Harvard credits for successfully completed MIT ROTC coursework:

  • ROTC students who have incurred a binding post-graduation military service obligation (typically by their junior or senior year) must complete and submit the Credit Petition for MIT ROTC Coursework.
  • When completing this petition, students should consult the MIT ROTC Credit Conversation chart to see the number of Harvard credits awarded for each MIT ROTC course.


The Cross-Registration section of the Harvard College Handbook for Students governs cross-registration and credit for MIT ROTC courses. The Handbook will govern if any conflict exists between the information on this page and the Handbook.


Harvard College students are not permitted to audit MIT ROTC courses. 

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