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Graduating Harvard College and GSAS students and FAS alumni

Communications about your diploma

You will receive the following communications from the FAS Registrar's Office prior to Commencement asking you to:

  • Apply to graduate – you must apply by the deadline for your expected graduation term
  • Verify your diploma information – We will contact you approximately 6 weeks before your expected graduation date to confirm your diploma name and degree information. You must contact us with any diploma errors by the deadline stated in the message.

Please note that we do not send communications regarding the Commencement Ceremony

Receive your diploma

Step 1: Add a diploma name in my.harvard

View guide to add a diploma name

  • Verify and update your diploma name in my.harvard
  • Middle names: Your middle name will not display under the my.harvard personal information tab, but you can update it using the guide linked above. If you add a middle name in the Diploma Name type, your middle name will appear on your diploma.
  • Important: For students graduating in May 2022, April 15, 2022 is the deadline to make changes to your diploma name. We cannot make changes to your diploma name once the deadline passes. 

Step 2: Pick up your diploma

  • You must make an appointment to pick up your diploma. Contact getmydiploma@fas.harvard.edu to schedule a time. 
  • You can pick up your diploma directly from the Registrar's Office on the fourth floor of the Smith Campus Center. A Harvard ID is required to get up to the fourth floor. 
  • November and March degree candidates can pick up diplomas the day after degree conferral. 

Step 2: Mail your diploma

  • If you are unable to pick up your diploma, you can request to have your diploma mailed. 
  • Visit the FAS Registrar's Office diploma store page to submit your request. 
    NOTE:  If you are requesting the shipment of two diplomas (a concurrent Master's with your Bachelor's or a Master's in passing with your Ph.D.), only one shipment request is required. 
  • Once your diploma is shipped, you will receive a message with your tracking number. 

Step 3: Obtain a Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma®)

You will receive a Certified Electronic Diplomas (CeDiploma®) within two weeks of your degree conferral date.

How to request a replacement diploma

  • If your diploma is lost, stolen, damaged, or you’ve had a name change, you can contact replacement@fas.harvard.edu to request a replacement. 
  • Attach a signed cover letter explaining the reason for the replacement request. Follow the additional instructions based on your diploma type as indicated below.
  • A replacement diploma costs $150.00, and the process may take four to six weeks from the time your order is received.
  • Your replacement diploma will bear a statement in the lower margin by the Secretary to the Corporation certifying that the diploma is, in substance, a copy of the original.
  • The names of the officials in office at the time your original diploma was printed will appear on the diploma without their signatures. 
  • We do not issue replacement diplomas to family members of alumni. 

Lost or stolen

  • Provide proof such as insurance claim or notarized statement with facts.


  • Destroyed or significantly damaged: Return the original diploma with your request for a replacement diploma.
  • Once you have mailed the damaged diploma, send us the tracking information so we can proceed with your request.
  • Fire or any other catastrophic event: Submit a police or insurance report. 

Name change

  • Provide notarized proof of legal name change documentation that lists your old name and new name.
  • You must return the original diploma with your request for replacement diploma.

How to request proof of graduation

Contact registrar@fas.harvard.edu to request an official letter certifying your degree after degree conferral takes place. If you need to verify a degree, see Degree/Enrollment verification.

Need Assistance?

Diploma Support

Email: getmydiploma@fas.harvard.edu

  • to pick up a diploma
  • to mail a diploma

Email: registrar@fas.harvard.edu

  • to request proof of graduation

Email: replacement@fas.harvard.edu

  • to request a replacement diploma