Data/Reporting Services

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Staff and faculty submitting student data requests

Reporting services

The FAS Registrar's Office and Harvard Institutional Research support many reporting and research initiatives each year. 

  • We provide data as needed including historical academic records, survey data, and other student data. 
  • We do not provide data for student research projects or for individual faculty projects that have not been requested or sanctioned by the FAS senior administration. 

Who to contact:

Include the following details in your request:  

  • Required completion date 
  • Data fields required 
  • File format preferred 
  • Population for selection Preferred sort 
  • Who will have access to the data/report? 
  • How will the data be used? 
  • Delivery format preferred (mail, email, ftp, etc.) 

Need Assistance?

Data/Reporting Support

Reporting Requests


  • to contact the FAS Registrar's Office 

  • to contact Harvard College Institutional Research