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FAS faculty and administrative staff

Final Exam Schedule  

The Fall 2022 Final Exam Schedule will be available at a later date.

We schedule exams in accordance with your final assessment form submission. The exam schedule is subject to change.

  • Exam/Final Deadlines appear in the my.harvard Course Search a few weeks before each semester begins. Deadlines are subject to change until the Final Exam Schedule is published.
  • Final exams must adhere to the times assigned by the FAS Registrar’s Office.
  • You are advised not to make any travel plans until the official Final Exam Schedule is published, as you are expected to be available for the duration of the Final Exam Period.

Administering Final Exams

You are responsible for proctoring and administering your final exams. Instructors must:

  1. Confirm final exam media requirements with Education Support Services (ESS).
  2. Pick up bluebooks and exam packets. Materials are available for pickup during Reading Period from the academic department offering the course. Make sure your exam packet contains the appropriate materials for your course:
    • Instructions and resources for administering the exam, including attendance slips, exam announcements, and the bathroom and incident reports.
    • Appropriate number of exam packets. Your course should receive one packet per exam room. For example, if your course has 2 exam rooms, you should have 2 exam packets.
  3. Report absences after the exam.
    • Report absences on the my.harvard Teaching/Advising tab using the Exam Roster button next to your class.
    • Mark the check box next to students who were absent from the final exam.
    • Do not mark students as absent if they were exempt from taking the final exam.


Exam Procedures

You may not approve alternate times, dates, locations, or accommodations for an exam scheduled by the FAS Registrar’s Office. Circumventing these procedures may jeopardize a student’s grade.

Reading Period 

Reading Period is intended to be a time for students to reflect, review, and synthesize what they have learned during the semester. Protect this educational purpose by following these rules: 

  • You may not:
    • Assign new material during Reading Period.
    • Conduct regular instruction during Reading Period, except for intensive language courses.
  • You may:
    • Conduct sections, review sessions, and make up class sessions.
    • Assign short, regular assignments during the first three days of Reading Period that address material covered in the last two weeks of classes (such as problem sets or response papers) .
    • Assign culminating course assignments starting the fourth day of Reading Period, such as final papers, take-home exams, projects, or individual or group presentations.
  • Culminating course assignments must be due on or before the course’s Exam Deadline.

Out of Sequence (OOS) Exams

The FAS Registrar’s Office schedules, administers, and provides proctors for out of sequence exams. You must upload the exam and detailed instructions in my.harvard at least 48 hours prior to an OOS exam.

Midterm Exams 

The FAS Registrar's Office is not involved in scheduling or administering midterm exams.

If you need bluebooks for your midterm exam please email 5-7 days in advance of the exam to make arrangements.

Need Assistance?

Exam Administration and Procedure Support

Email: The Registrar's Office Exams team
Call: to leave a voicemail at 617-495-1542

  • for questions related to the administration of exams, out of sequence exams and make-up exams
  • for midterm exam bluebooks (please contact 2-3 days ahead of your exam to make arrangements)