For Sections/Events

About space for sections/events

Use RoomBook to request FAS space for sections and events.

RoomBook access is automatically provided to all FAS and SEAS faculty, staff, and students upon active employment or enrollment. If you cannot login to RoomBook, or do not have the access you need, please email EMS Admin. RoomBook requests prevent others from requesting the same space, so you should release any rooms you are no longer using.

Important: Courses have priority access to FAS classrooms.

  • If a course requires the space, we may cancel your event or section space reservations.
  • For the first three weeks of the term, we will approve event and section requests one day in advance.

Request space for sections

All sections (discussions, labs, etc.) must begin at approved FAS start times. We will decline requests that don't comply. Sections do not need to use the entire time block but must start at the beginning of the time block (e.g. only use the first 60 minutes).

  1. Identify the right space using the online inventory of FAS classrooms.
  2. Submit requests with approved FAS start times for space via RoomBook. You must book one section meeting at a time. Do not submit one single large block covering multiple sections.
  3. Review instructions on how to request a room or watch “How to Request Space Using Roombook” video.
  4. Select "FAS" and log in with your Harvard Key.
  5. Select "FAS - Academic Request" from the list of reservation templates.

Best Practices for Room Requests

Use the following naming convention for section requests: 
[Subject + Catalog Number] – [Event Type] 

Example: ECON 10A – Discussion

Request space for events

  1. Use the online inventory of FAS classrooms to identify the right space.
  2. Review room request instructions or watch the “How to Request Space Using Roombook” video.
  3. Submit your space request using RoomBook.
  4. Select "FAS" and log in using your Harvard Key.  
    • FAS - Academic Request: To request course-related events like quizzes, midterms, Disability Access Office accommodations, office hours, student networks, and film screenings, use the “FAS- Academic Request” reservation "template" in Roombook.  
    • FAS - Event Request: To request non-course-related events like one-time lectures, socials, film screenings, staff meetings, and guest speakers, use the “FAS- Event Request” reservation "template" in Roombook.

Important Reminders

  • Food is not permitted in FAS classrooms.


Need Assistance?

Classrooms Support

EmailThe Registrar's Office Classrooms team
Call: The Registrar's Office Classrooms team: 617-495-1541

  • if you have questions about FAS classroom spaces

VisitEducation Support Services (ESS)

  • for A/V Equipment and Services and additional services 

Visit: (ESS Roombook) Department–Scheduled Space

  • for the room inventory list to determine appropriate space schedulers
  • to reach out to scheduler regarding available space for non-departmental events

EmailDisability Access Office (DAO)

  • for student accommodations

VisitUniversity Disability Services (UDS)

  • for instructor accommodations


Visit: Harvard Yard Operations 


Call: Building Manager for Harvard Yard Operations - 617-495-8842

  • for urgent repairs for Classrooms in Harvard Yard


Call: University Operations Center: 617-495-5560

  • for after-hour classroom emergencies


Call: Sever Hall Media Services: 617-495-9470  

Call: CGIS Media Services: 617-495-9807  

Call: Northwest Media Services: 617-495-5775  

Call: Science Center Prep Room: 617-495-5357

  • for urgent Tech Support in Sever, CGIS, Northwest or the Science Center


VisitFAS gender inclusive restrooms list

  • for list of gender inclusive restrooms


EmailCenter for Government and International Studies (CGIS)

EmailMemorial Hall/Lowell Hall Complex

EmailScience Center

EmailScience and Engineering Complex (SEC)

EmailSEAS (Maxwell Dworkin, Pierce, and SEC) Classrooms

EmailWilliam James Hall

VisitHarvard Events Management

  • for specific building inquiries


Call:  ESS Support: 617-495-9460

  • for all other locations