For Courses

How space is assigned

Academic departments, building schedulers, and the Registrar's Office Classrooms team coordinate FAS course locations. Several factors determine course locations, including: 

  • Instructional requirements 
  • Technology needs
  • Enrollment history 
  • Accessibility needs of instructors and students
  • Room availability

The Registrar's Office Classrooms team shares a Course Meetings Location Report daily during the start of term (changes or additions may take up to 24 hours to appear on this list). We also maintain an archive of course meeting reports (Note: Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 courses were taught remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic).  

Space for Courses (Lecture, Seminar, etc.)

  1. Instructors communicate their classroom needs to their department scheduler.
  2. Schedulers identify the right space via the online inventory of FAS classrooms
  3. Schedulers submit room preferences using the space scheduling software, EMS, several months before the start of each term.
  4. We send tentative room assignments to each department.
  5. Departments review tentative assignments.
  6. We notify faculty of their classroom assignment.
  7. We post course locations in my.harvard on the first day of course registration.

Request a Classroom Change

Reservation Time Frames

Room reservations run through the last day of classes. After that, all FAS classrooms are reserved exclusively for the Registrar's Office Exams team.

Need Assistance?

Classrooms Support

EmailThe Registrar's Office Classrooms team

  • if you have questions about FAS classroom spaces

VisitEducation Support Services (ESS)

  • for A/V Equipment and Services and additional services 

Visit: (ESS Roombook) Department–Scheduled Space

  • for the room inventory list to determine appropriate space schedulers
  • to reach out to scheduler regarding available space for non-departmental events

EmailAccessible Education Office (AEO)

  • for student accommodations

VisitUniversity Disability Services (UDS)

  • for instructor accommodations


Visit: Harvard Yard Operations 


Call: Building Manager for Harvard Yard Operations - 617-495-8842

  • for urgent repairs for Classrooms in Harvard Yard


Call: University Operations Center: 617-495-5560

  • for after-hour classroom emergencies


Call: Sever Hall Media Services: 617-495-9470  

Call: CGIS Media Services: 617-495-9807  

Call: Northwest Media Services: 617-495-5775  

Call: Science Center Prep Room: 617-495-5357

  • for urgent Tech Support in Sever, CGIS, Northwest or the Science Center


VisitFAS gender inclusive restrooms list

  • for list of gender inclusive restrooms


EmailCenter for Government and International Studies (CGIS)

EmailMemorial Hall/Lowell Hall Complex

EmailScience Center

EmailScience and Engineering Complex (SEC)

EmailSEAS (Maxwell Dworkin, Pierce, and SEC) Classrooms

EmailWilliam James Hall

VisitHarvard Events Management

  • for specific building inquiries


Call:  ESS Support: 617-495-9460

  • for all other locations