Cross-Registration for MIT, Tufts Fletcher, Brown, and Non-FAS Harvard Students

Harvard requirements

Attending classes

Spring 2022 FAS courses will be taught in-person and on-campus. You are expected to attend FAS courses in-person.


You must follow Harvard’s COVID policies for wearing masks, social distancing, and other requirements as listed on the Harvard University COVID-19 website. Once you initiate course enrollment into Harvard, you will receive an email outlining Harvard's COVID protocol. Please look out for the email on your inbox. 

Daily Health Attestation

Use Crimson Clear to attest to your symptoms and exposures every day.

Key dates and deadlines

Harvard FAS – Fall 2022

As a general rule, you must cross register by the earliest possible deadline. When your school's deadline is earlier than a Harvard FAS deadline, you must complete cross-registration by your school's deadline. When a Harvard FAS deadline is earlier than your school's deadline, you must cross-register by the Harvard FAS deadline.

August 17: Spring cross-registration opens 

October 3: Last day students from other schools may file cross-registration petitions

How to cross register

Harvard ID cards: You are not required to obtain a Harvard ID card to attend FAS courses. 

Step 1: Cross-register for courses directly in WEBSIS (MITSIS). You can do this by creating an add/drop petition.

Step 2: The Harvard FAS instructor and the Harvard FAS Registrar's Office will grant permission. Once your enrollment request has been approved, you are enrolled and no further action is required. 


  • Tufts Fletcher School students can enroll in graduate-level courses only.
  • Brown undergraduate students are not eligible to take a course at Harvard.


Step 1: Create an account allowing you to enroll through my.harvard. The New User Registration form needs to be re-submitted each term regardless of previous FAS course enrollments.   

Step 2: Cross-register for courses directly in my.harvard. 


Cross-register for courses directly in my.harvard. View cross-registration instructions.

Log into my.harvard

Dropping courses

Drop the course in my.harvard and email your home school's registrar. 

  • As a general rule, you must drop a course by the earliest possible deadline. The Harvard FAS drop deadline is the same as the cross registration petition deadline for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Dropping the course after the Harvard FAS deadline will be recorded as a withdrawal from the course.

How to change the grading basis of a Harvard FAS course

Grading basis changes are not available to cross-registrants.

  • Grading basis defers to the home school's policy.
  • You should contact your home school's registrar office with any questions about the change of grading basis policy.

How to audit a Harvard FAS course

Step 1: Contact your instructor to request permission. 

Step 2: Once you receive permission, you do not need to enroll in the course through my.harvard. Instead, ask the instructor to be added manually to all course materials.

The FAS Registrar's Office does not keep records of audited courses. 

Final exams

You must take your Harvard FAS exam on the date and time of the scheduled exam or you will risk receiving a failing grade of ABS.

Need Assistance?

Harvard FAS Cross Registration Support

Emailmy.harvard Support

  • for assistance with technical issues in my.harvard

EmailFAS Registrar's Office – Enrollment Services Team

  • with questions about cross registration in the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS)