All secondary components of a course, such as discussion sections, must begin on the designated start times of the new schedule. Section space requested to begin at a non-designated start time will be declined. Sections do not need to use the entire block and may end earlier than the entire 75-minute block. For more information, including a list of designated start times, see the faculty legislation on the Revised FAS Schedule.

Requesting section space

1. ACCESS: Course Heads and Head Teaching Fellows should submit requests for discussion section space on RoomBook. Select "FAS" and log in using your Harvard Key. Select "Create a Reservation" in the left-hand menu and select "Academic Request" from the list of reservation templates. If you do NOT have access, you will not see any options for reservations. To obtain RoomBook access, please email

2. MAKING A RESERVATION: For instructions on how to use RoomBook, see Note all sections and course-related events must be requested via the Academic Request template. For a robust list of FAS classrooms, classroom attributes, and scheduler contact information for many of the classrooms in the FAS inventory go to “Room Information” on Media Services’ website.

3. PROCESS: When RoomBook opens for an upcoming term, the FAS Classrooms Office receives requests for course meeting space, course-related activities, section space, and events. Courses receive priority. After the registration deadline has passed and enrollment numbers are confirmed, course locations may change. If a course needs a space you have requested for a discussion section, your section will be relocated. We will communicate all room changes and will work with you to find alternate space. Note: Sections will only be relocated for courses.

4. APPROVAL: The Classrooms Office will begin responding to discussion section space requests in Registrar-scheduled space at the start of term. For the first three weeks, as course locations are still in the process of being reassigned, we will only approve bookings a day in advance of each individual meeting. Once course locations are finalized, we will approve recurring section meeting times for the remainder of the term. Please note that your RoomBook request holds the space, preventing others from requesting the same space. Be sure to sign back into the system and release rooms that will go unused, as space is very tight within our inventory.

Best Practices:

1. Use the following format for naming your reservation:

[Subject + Catalog Number] – [Event Type]

Examples:  ECON 10A – Discussion

                  LIFESCI 1A – Discussion

                  LIFESCI 1A – Lab

2. A single booking should not span multiple time blocks and cannot end during designated passing time. Section space requests are less likely to be bumped if each section is submitted as a separate booking within the reservation, as opposed to submitting one single large block covering multiple sections. For example, please enter section requests in a single reservation as 3 – 4:15 pm, and 4:30 – 5:45 pm, instead of 3 – 5:45 pm. This way, in case we need to move a course into a classroom for part of the time requested, we will bump only the affected section(s) instead of the entire block.

3. The best buildings to request section space are in Lowell Hall (until 5 pm), Memorial Hall (until 5 pm), and Lamont Library. 

How to Book a Meeting Using RoomBook (EMS Web App)