Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)



Please follow the instructions listed on the Benefit Strategies Tuition Portal to complete the TAP application electronically. You do not need to submit the PDF of your TAP form to our office- Benefit Strategies will notify the Registrar's Office of your application. Please note you are not automatically enrolled in your TAP course after submitting an application.

For questions regarding TAP eligibility, please contact the Benefits Office at 617-496-4001.

Course Enrollment

After Benefit Strategies informs our office of your TAP application, Enrollment Services will process your TAP record within 3-5 business and email you that you may proceed to submit a petition for instructor permission to enroll in the course in my.harvard.

Instructions on how to enroll in a course in my.harvard.

TAP students must submit a petition to request instructor permission to enroll in the course. Once the petition is approved, you must take further action to officially enroll in the course as it is not an automatic process.


The current TAP fee is 10% of the course cost. The fee for a one-semester course (4 credits) is $636.60 You will be billed this fee after enrollment and payment can be made through my.harvard.

Note: 1) enrolling in a full-year course in the fall does not entitle you to the spring portion; a new TAP form must be filed and a spring TAP fee paid; 2) an intensive, 8-credit course taken in one term is charged as two TAP courses for a total tuition rate of $1,273.20, unless covered by the long-term service benefit.


Staff may not register for FAS courses on a Pass/Fail or SAT/UNS grading basis if a Letter-Graded option is available. In addition, Staff may not enroll on an Audit/No Credit basis.

Deadlines and Refunds

The deadline to submit the TAP application in the Benefit Strategies Tuition Portal is September 14, 2021.

The deadline for TAP students to add a course in my.harvard is October 4, 2021.

The deadline to drop a full term course and receive a full refund is September 9, 2021. Click here for instructions on how to drop a course in my.harvard. For half term session deadlines, see the TAP Academic Calendar.

The last day to drop a full term course is October 18, 2021. One-half of the TAP fee will be refunded if you drop a course on or before this deadline and the course will not appear on your record. For half term session deadlines, see the TAP Academic Calendar.

Courses dropped between October 18, 2021 and the first day of Reading Period will remain on your record with a grade of WD (Withdrawn). If you do not drop or withdraw and do not complete the course, your record will show a permanent grade of ABS, INC or E (ABS if you do not take the final exam scheduled by the Registrar’s Office; INC or E in courses with no proctored final).

If you are excluded from a course because it is over-enrolled, you may move to another course before the enrollment deadline. Your tuition will be refunded if you are excluded from a course and do not wish to enroll in another. A letter stating that you were excluded, signed by the Course Head, must be filed with the Registrar's Office.

Additional Benefits Information