Check-In, Registration & Degrees

Class Harvard College Students are required to check-in each term by the date designated in the calendar for the academic year. After checking-in, each student is required to select courses from those listed on, the course catalog for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, with the guidance of the freshmen adviser or concentration adviser or tutor. Students officially enroll in courses by adding courses to their online registration and then electronically submitting the registration through my.harvard. The registration deadline appears in the calendar for the academic year.

All degree candidates in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences must check-in continuously in one of the following check-in categories until receipt of the degree:

Resident student - students in the Boston area engaged primarily in degree work. In addition, full-time resident students must register in four half-courses, or the equivalent in TIME, by registering each term.

Traveling scholar - students outside the Boston area engaged primarily in degree work.

Leave of Absence - degree candidates whose time will be devoted primarily to other than degree work.

Studying at Another Harvard school - degree candidates registered in another Harvard school.

For additional information about the check-in categories, registering for courses, and the non-resident application, refer to the Registration section of GSAS Policies.