Cross-Register at MIT

The Great Dome of MIT at night.

Important to Note

MIT is requiring that all students provide proof of COVID vaccination. Upon registering, information for Harvard students will be uploaded to COVID Pass (MIT's in-house COVID monitoring system). COVID pass will inform you of all requirements for accessing campus and MIT's COVID-19 testing procedures and requirements. You must obtain an MIT ID card and sign-up for an MIT computing account (Kerberos account) as you will need the ID card to swipe into buildings and a Kerberos account is needed in order to upload proof of vaccination. Please visit MIT's website for more information

When to cross-register at MIT 

As a general rule, you must cross-register for courses by the earliest possible deadline.

  • When MIT's cross-registration deadline is earlier than Harvard's deadline, you must cross-register by MIT's deadline.
  • When Harvard's cross-registration deadline is earlier than MIT's deadline, you must cross-register by Harvard's deadline.

Spring 2022 Harvard College/GSAS cross-registration deadlines

Harvard Spring-Cross-Registration Opens

January 12, 2022
MIT Spring-Cross-Registration Opens (students may start submitting petitions to MIT) January 24, 2022
Last day Harvard College students may add/drop a full-term and H3 cross-registered course February 22, 2022
Last day Graduate students may Add a cross-registered course March 7, 2022
Last day Graduate students may Drop a cross-registered course March 21, 2022

MIT's deadline to complete cross-registration is March 4, 2022

How to enroll in an MIT course

  1. Cross-register for courses directly in my.harvard. 
    • If you are a Harvard College first-year student, you must send a statement of interest to your Resident Dean to be able to cross-register at MIT.
    • If you are a fellow, you cannot cross-register at MIT.
  2. The MIT instructor will approve your request to enroll. 
  3. Once your enrollment request has been approved by the MIT instructor, you will see a "Permission Granted" icon in my.harvard. At this point, you are registered for the course at MIT. Please keep in mind that there's no course preview period at MIT. If you decide to not take the course, notify the MIT Registrar's Office. They will drop the course in MIT's course registration system. 
  4. You must officially enroll in the course once the MIT instructor has given you permission. You are not officially enrolled in the course until you complete this process.

How to drop a course

Students will follow whichever school's deadline is earlier.

  1. Drop the course directly in my.harvard. 
  2. Contact the MIT Registrar's Office. They will drop the course in MIT's course registration system. 

How to change the grading basis of a course

Please note that MIT courses taken pass/fail cannot be changed to a letter-graded course. FAS will convert the letter grade to pass/fail once the Registrar's Office receives grades from MIT.

How to audit a course

  1. Contact your instructor to request permission. 
  2. Once you receive permission, drop the course directly in my.harvard.
  3. Send your instructor's note of approval to to be added as an auditor.

Audited courses will not appear on your Harvard transcript. 


  • GSAS students find more information on the GSAS policies website.
  • Harvard College students no limitation on the number of credits to count toward the 128 credit requirement. To petition to receive concentration credit for a course please complete this petition signed off by your department and submit via email to by the 5th Monday of the term in which you are taking the course. If you have not yet declared your concentration you may petition for concentration credit retroactively by the fifth Monday of your fourth term in residence.

Visit the course search in my.harvard to view the cross-registration credit conversion tool. Look for the button titled "Credit Conversion" below the search bar. 

Important note for graduating students planning to cross-register at MIT: If you wish you receive your diploma on time, you may want to reconsider taking an MIT course in your final semester.


MIT will charge late fees to FAS students where applicable. Each late fee is $50. Late fees that may be applied are as follows:

  • Late Cross-Registration Fee: applied when a student misses the deadline to complete cross-registration at MIT. 
  • Late Add/Drop/Change Fee: applied when a student misses the deadline to add/enroll in additional MIT subjects, drop a MIT subject, or change the subject grading status (from credit to audit/listener).


Frequently Asked Questions

I am cross-registered at MIT but want to drop my course. What do I need to do to drop it?

If you are cross-registered at MIT, please make sure to drop the course in both my.harvard and contact to drop the course in WebSIS at MIT – you will not be able to drop courses directly from WebSIS. Once you receive instructor permission from the MIT instructor, you are automatically enrolled for the course - there is no course preview period at MIT. Please keep in mind that students must follow whichever school's add/drop deadline is earlier. Read more about I am cross-registered at MIT but want to drop my course. What do I need to do to drop it?

What is the cross registration deadline to add/drop?

For students who are cross-registering into courses from two different schools, the student must follow whichever school's deadline is earlier. For example: If Harvard's add/drop deadline is earlier than MIT's, you will need to follow Harvard's deadline.