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Recent Questions from Faculty and Staff

Building on campus


Will my classroom assignment change?

Classroom assignments may change during the enrollment period, so check your course meeting location in the my.harvard Course Search before the first day of classes and until the registration deadline passes.

When will my reservation be approved for a section or event?

For the first few weeks of classes, bookings can only approved one day in advance of each individual meeting, as course locations are still in the process of being reassigned. Once course locations are finalized, we will approve recurring section meeting times for the remainder of the term. RoomBook requests hold the space, preventing others from requesting the same space.

Campus in the spring


Can I set up a course lottery in my.harvard?

There isn't any standard tool or process used to lottery at FAS. It’s up to the course how they want to approve petitions, and whether they want to provide any guidance to students about how they will be prioritizing approvals.
Cabot tables


When can my final assessment be due?

All seated final exams must take place during the Exam/Final Deadline Group assigned by the Registrar's Office.

Final papers, take-home exams, projects, presentations, and other culminating course assignments due after the end of regular classes must be due on or before the day of each course’s assigned Exam/Final Deadline Group, but no earlier than the fourth day of Reading Period. Final projects that include individual or group presentations may be scheduled beginning on the...

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Advising Committees

How to I make sure the Advising Committee for my department is up to date?

Roles in my.harvard typically expire on June 30, or December 31. It is the responsibility of the Department Administrator to give new leadership or staff access to my.harvard or renew the appointments for existing members of the Advising Committee roster. This includes roles such as: Department Chairs; Directors of Studies; Head Tutors; Program Administrators; Dept Administrators.  Department Administrators should review overall access at least once per term to ensure access continuity....

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