Harvard Students Outside of FAS

Important to Note

  • Spring 2022 FAS courses will be taught in-person and on-campus. You will be expected to attend FAS courses in-person.
  • Use the Crimson Clear system to attest to your symptoms and exposures every day.
  • Students must abide by Harvard’s COVID policies related to wearing masks, social distancing, and other requirements as listed on the University’s COVID web site

Review the following FAS Cross-Registration deadlines.

Please note if your own school's deadline is earlier than what is listed below, you are subject to the earlier deadline. 

Spring-Cross-Registration Opens January 12, 2022
Last day students from other schools may file cross-registration petitions  February 22, 2022

How to cross register for a Harvard course

Cross-register for courses directly in my.harvard.

How to drop a Harvard course

Drop the course directly in my.harvard. 

  • Dropping the course after the FAS deadline will result in a withdrawal from the course.
  • Students will follow whichever school's deadline is earlier. The FAS drop deadline is the same as the cross registration petition deadline for both undergraduate and graduate students.

How to change the grading basis of a Harvard course

Grading basis changes are not available to cross-registrants. Grading basis defers to the home school policy. Students should contact their home school's Registrar Office with any questions regarding the change of grading basis policy. 

How to audit a Harvard course

  1. Contact your instructor to request permission. 
  2. Once you receive permission, you do not need to enroll in the course through my.harvard.
  3. Instead, ask the instructor to be added manually to all course materials.

The FAS Registrar Office keeps no records of audited courses. 


Other Policies

  • Final exam scheduled by FAS must take the exam on the date and time of the scheduled exam or risk receiving a failing grade of ABS.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cross registration deadline to add/drop?

For students who are cross-registering into courses from two different schools, the student must follow whichever school's deadline is earlier. For example: If Harvard's add/drop deadline is earlier than MIT's, you will need to follow Harvard's deadline.