Guidelines for Courses

The guidelines in this publication are meant to assist you in organizing course data in the my.harvard administrative portal for publication in the my.harvard Course Search. The guide includes policies and patterns of style set in 1969 by the Committee on Educational Policy and revised by the Committee on the Administration of Educational Policy, and the Educational Policy Committee. Please follow these guidelines when organizing data for the Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes and when making subsequent revisions. The creation of courses and changes to existing courses must be approved by the Chair of the appropriate FAS department or committee.

Course information published in the my.harvard Course Search becomes the official basis for the Registrar's records; it affects the issuing of class rosters, grade rosters, classroom assignments, and final examination schedules. Complete and up-to-date course information enables the Registrar to carry out Faculty policy regarding simultaneous course enrollment and to locate individual students in an emergency. For this reason it is important that departments and committees notify the Registrar of any changes, especially changes of instructor or meeting time, regardless of when they occur in the academic year.