Frequently Asked Questions

Degree Verifications

Why is The National Student Clearinghouse involved?
The FAS Registrar’s Office has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to collect inquiries for verifications. If the data you provide can be confirmed then the verification is instantaneous. However, the staff of the Registrar’s Office manually verifies requests whenever there is incomplete or potentially erroneous information. Please allow 8-10 business days for processing if we have to request materials from University Archives on your behalf. 

Can I verify any Harvard University degree through this website?
No. The Faculty of Arts & Sciences Registrar’s Office can only verify degrees for alumni of Harvard College or the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. For inquiries about degrees from other schools, e.g. Harvard Law School, you will need to contact that school’s registrar’s office directly.

How much does it cost to verify a degree?
There is an $8 processing surcharge. 

What information is required in order to obtain a degree verification?
The more information you offer the more likely we are to find the match: full name, University ID number, degree awarded (example AB or PhD), dates of attendance, field of concentration.

Will the verification have the seal of Harvard University on it?
No, but it is still considered an official verification of your degree.

Is a verification from the National Student Clearinghouse official?
Yes. The National Student Clearinghouse is authorized to provide these on behalf of Harvard College and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. 

Can I contact the Registrar’s Office to verify a degree over the phone?
To better service all of our constituents all verifications are handled through the National Student Clearinghouse.


Who can order a transcript?
Any current or former student at Harvard College or the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences can order a transcript through our office via Credentials Inc.

How much does a transcript cost?
$8- Electronic Transcript

$10- Mailed Transcript

$12- Hold For Pick Up at FAS Registrars Office

Can I get an electronic version of my transcript?
Yes Electronic Transcripts are available.

Can I get an unofficial version of my transcript?
Students may access an unofficial, PDF version of the transcript by clicking here. An unofficial transcript does not use the University paper and does not include the Registrar’s signature, but this PDF version is often acceptable to use when applying for internships, fellowships, and graduate school online.

Why do you require my consent to send out my transcript?
The regulations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA, 1974) require us to obtain your signed consent before releasing your academic record. The law and ensuing policy is in place for your protection. As such, you can trust that no third party will be able to see your academic record without your consent.

How long will it take my order to be processed?

Electronic transcript requests are processed immediately once the order is authorized. 

Paper transcript requests are processed 1-2 business days after the order is authorized. 

Hold for Pick up transcript requests are processed and printed 1 business day after order is authorized.
Pickup is at: 1350 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 450.Office of the Registrar.

How many transcripts can I order at a time?
You can order up to 5 transcripts per individual Credentials Inc order.

What happens if I place my order during a weekend or holiday?
All electronic transcript requests are processed 7 days a week. Paper transcript requests are processed Monday through Friday only. Paper transcript requests placed on a weekend or holiday will be processed on the following working business day. 

What happens if my transcript gets lost in the mail? 
The FAS Registrar’s Office is not responsible for the mail delivery. If your order gets lost or returned then you will need to place a new request via Credentials Inc. No refunds will be provided. To ensure delivery we suggest sending your transcript through FedEx so you will have a tracking number and be able to confirm delivery.

How long will you hold my transcript if I ask for it to be held for pick-up?
We will hold transcripts for pick-up at the front desk of our office at 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 450 for 90 days. After 90 days you will need to submit a new order.

What if I need to include a document with my transcript?
You can digitally scan and upload an electronic copy of any form you need to have included with your transcript, through the Credentials Inc ordering form. As part of your transcript order, you will need to enter your LSAC or AMCAS account number.

Can I order a transcript if I never received my degree?
Any student of Harvard College or the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences who has satisfied their financial obligation to the University may order a transcript of their academic record.

Can I order a transcript if there is a financial hold on my record?
No. You must satisfy your financial obligation to the University before we can release your transcript.

Will you hold my request, e.g. until final grades come in? 
No. Transcripts are processed in real time and we do not have the capacity to hold requests. Your academic record at the time of your request is what will be printed on your transcript. Current students can verify which grades and courses are available on their transcript by viewing their unofficial transcript.

How do I get a transcript if I graduated before 1981? 
You will still send your request to us through Credentials Inc. Sometimes we are able to generate your transcript from the records we keep at The Registrar’s Office but sometimes we have to requisition older files from University Archives before we can send the transcripts. If this is the case with your transcript, you will receive an email indicating that we are obtaining your record from archives.

AP Scores

How are AP, IB, SAT, SATII, ACT or other tests used during the Admissions process?
Please check the Admissions Office website. If the site does not answer your question(s), please contact the Admissions Office at 617-495-1551. The Admissions phone line closes at 4:00pm on Wednesdays.

How do AP and IB scores work with Advanced Standing at Harvard?
Please view the Office of Undergraduate Education website for details regarding scores and Advanced Standing.

How do I make sure that Harvard receives my AP and IB test scores?
You must have an OFFICIAL test score report sent to Harvard. Contact the College Board and have your scores sent to Harvard (3434). The self-reported scores used during the Admission process will NOT be added to your official student record. The College Board will charge a fee to have your scores resent to Harvard.

I took AP tests over multiple years, how do I make sure Harvard receives all of my AP scores?
When requesting a score report to be sent to Harvard, inform College Board that you took AP tests over multiple years. Also, inform College Board if you have had a name or address change. 

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How do I access online check-in?
Log in at by entering your HUID Number and PIN and select the "Student Home" tab. Click the check-in link listed under the "To Do" section of your Student Home and follow the instructions to check-in. 

How do I know that I have successfully checked-in?
Your check-in hold will be lifted and removed from the "To Do" box in the Student Home of your

I am off-campus. Can I check-in online?

I have checked-in, but there is still a hold on my record. How do I resolve the hold?
There are a variety of holds; each with a different way/place to clear it. These holds prevent you from enrolling in courses but not from checking-in. You can click on the To-Do items in my.harvard to learn more about each hold. You must resolve your hold with the office that initiated it. For example, if you have a UHS hold you must contact University Health Services directly to address the hold. Here is a description of the more common holds you may encounter:

    • Advising: This is a hold that requires you to meet with your advisor before enrolling in courses. Your advisor releases this hold in order to virtually sign your study card.
    • Term Bill: If you have a balance on your student account you will need to pay the full amount in order to have this hold removed. If you are anticipating financial aid to be disbursed you may wish to contact your financial aid officer.
    • UHS/Immunization: University Health Services places and removes holds for students needing to provide documentation of their immunization records.
    • International Office: International students may be required to visit the Harvard International Office before enrolling. This office will remove the hold once you have visited them.

College Requirements

How do I change my concentration?

Students can change their concentration online via 

How can I waive a certain Core or General Education requirement based on my study abroad credits?

When the study abroad credits are visible on your student record, please email send an email to indicate what course/which GenEd requirement you want would like to waive. If your study abroad credits are not on your student record, contact the Office of International Programs

Enrollment Certifications

Where can I get an Enrollment Certification? 

Certificates of Enrollment are now available to active students in their my.Harvard account. Please log in to using your HarvardKey credentials. The certificate of enrollment is located in the Documents tab of your Student Home page. You must ensure that your browser allows pop-ups as an active pop-up blocker will prevent your document from opening.

Can I confirm the enrollment of anyone at Harvard through this website?
No. The Faculty of Arts & Sciences Registrar’s Office can only confirm enrollment for students of Harvard College or The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. For inquiries about students from other schools, e.g. Harvard Law School, you will need to contact that school’s registrar’s office directly.

Is this an official enrollment certification?
Yes. This enrollment certificate is an official certification.

What if I need a form filled out by the Registrar’s Office to confirm my enrollment?
Please email and include a scanned copy of the form as an attachment to your email. Provide as much detail as possible in the email about what information is needed and where it should be sent. A representative of the Registrar’s Office will complete the form and send it out within 2-3 business days. 

What if I need a confirmation of my enrollment on Harvard letterhead?
The electronic enrollment certificate found on your my.Harvard account is sealed with the Harvard watermark. We do make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Please email detailing the reason for your request and a representative of the Registrar’s Office will provide you with further instructions. Please provide as much detail as possible in the email about what information is needed and where it should be sent.

How much does it cost to confirm someone’s enrollment?
There is a processing surcharge for third party enrollment verification requests through the National Student Clearinghouse. If you are a parent seeking enrollment confirmation on behalf of your child please have them log in to their my.Harvard account to access their enrollment certificate so there will be no charge.

How much does it cost to confirm my own enrollment?
This services is free of charge for current students who log in to their my.Harvard account. Alumni should order an official transcript or a degree verification if they need to confirm past enrollment.

Who do I contact if I need a certification for loan deferment?
Please email the National Student Clearinghouse at or call at 703-742-4200.

All other questions should be directed to


When will the final exam schedule be posted?
The fall Final Exam Schedule will be posted in mid-September. The spring final exam schedule will be posted in mid-February.

How can I determine when my exam is likely to take place before the exam schedule is posted?
Most courses are assigned a numeric Exam and Student Deadline Group, which is listed with course information in the my.harvard course search. The Exam and Student Deadline Groups in the Undergraduate Student Handbook list each exam group and the corresponding exam date. All students are advised that they should not make any travel plans until the official Final Examination Schedule is published in mid-September. Students are expected to be in residence for the duration of the Final Examination Period. 

I have two exams scheduled for the same time on the same date. How do I resolve this?
If you have two FAS exams scheduled at the same time on the same date, the Registrar's Office is aware of the conflict and will automatically schedule an out of sequence exam for one of the courses--a non-conflicting time within 24 hours of the original time and date. You will receive an email notification with the details of your rescheduled exam from the Registrar's Office by the last day of classes.

I have two exams scheduled back-to-back on the same day. Can one of the exams be moved to a different date?
Please note that having two exams scheduled on the same day at different times (i.e. one in the morning and one in the afternoon) is not considered a conflict. Exams will not be rescheduled in this case.

I am an FAS student cross-registered for a course at another school (or I am a graduate student cross-registered for a course at FAS) and my FAS exam conflicts with the final exam date for the other course. How do I resolve this?
If you have a conflict between an FAS exam and an exam at another school (HBS, HLS, MIT), notify the Registrar's Office of the conflict (

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FAS Classrooms

Where are FAS classes meeting? Where and when will the FAS course classroom schedule be made available?
The FAS Registrar posts a Course Meetings Location Report, refreshed daily during the enrollment period. The FAS Registrar tracks course classroom assignments for all courses under the 300/3000 level. The Report includes discussion section and event assignments that take place in Registrar classrooms only. For information on any offered course without a meeting time and room location, contact the course's department.

How do I reserve a classroom for my FAS course?
The FAS Registrar coordinates classroom assignments with the academic departments. Contact the home department administrator of the course. The administrator submits a classroom request to the appropriate scheduler and notifies the FAS Registrar of the course's meeting time and location. For discussion sections and events contact the appropriate room scheduler. To reserve a classroom in the FAS Registrar's inventory, please use the online form found on Roombook. The FAS Registrar schedules approximately 30% of the classrooms in the FAS inventory. The remainder is scheduled by the various departments, center, and houses. A list of FAS Classrooms and contact information for schedulers is located on the Instructional Media Services' website.

Who do I contact to schedule an FAS classroom for a student group?
To book a room, please visit Roombook. When you login to this site, you will find a listing of the organizations for which you are listed as an officer. You may make updates to your information, review organizational documents stored there, and login to customized for your group. The person in your organization responsible for booking rooms must be listed as an officer in the USODB Portal.

How do I reserve media equipment?
For information on media equipment and services visit the Instructional Media Services website. Below are the email addresses and phone numbers to contact Instructional Media Services.

May I visit a classroom?
Each term the Admissions Office posts to its website the Visitor's Guide to Larger Lectures. Approximately 70 courses from a variety of departments appear in the Visitor's Guide. This Guide is produced by the FAS Registrar's Office and is posted on the Admissions Office website approximately one-to-two weeks after Study Card Day each term - mid-September for the fall term, mid-February for the spring term. To visit a classroom not listed in the Visitor's Guide, ask permission from the home department of the course.

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GSAS Requirements

I am in a PhD program and want to receive the Masters degree once I complete the course requirements. Do I still need to submit a degree application?
Yes, a degree application is necessary for each degree to be granted. Degrees are not granted automatically.

What happens if I apply for a degree but do not receive it?
A new application must be filed for the next available degree granting period.

How will I know my dissertation has been accepted?
Dissertations are reviewed by the Registrar’s Office staff, in the order they are received. You will receive email confirmation of the dissertation status.

Once the dissertation is approved, can I consider myself as having received the degree?
Degrees are conferred three times a year: March, May, and November. Your degree is not official until it has been conferred. The dates of conferral are listed on the Registrar’s website.

What are the tuition requirements for the PhD and Masters degrees?
PhD students are required to pay four terms of Full tuition, four term of Reduced tuition, and must pay the minimum of Facilities Fee in their last term of enrollment. Masters students must pay the minimum of two terms of Full tuition.

How is my health coverage affected when I receive my final degree?
For May graduates, coverage will end on July 31. For November graduates coverage will end depending upon the day of dissertation submission. For March graduates coverage will end on January 31.

Name Changes, Preferred Names, Gender Pronouns, Gender Marker

How do I change my name on student records? 
You may change your official name on the student record once you have legally changed your name by completing this form and attaching supporting documentation. You may change your chosen name at any time via my.harvard. If you need a diploma or transcript showing your preferred name please visit our office on the 4th floor of the Smith Campus Center or email us at If you have concerns about your gender identity matching your credentials but have not changed your legal name please check in with the Registrar's Office for assistance.

How can I use my chosen name on my degree?
You may update your chosen name at any time on my.harvard by clicking on the pencil next to your name in the personal information tab. 

Will faculty and staff see my chosen name and pronouns on my.harvard?
Yes. Faculty and staff will see only your preferred first name on my.harvard now and on course rosters by Spring 2016. If you provided gender pronouns those will also be visible on my.harvard now and on course rosters by Spring 2016. We make this information available to other users of student information, but it is up to those other offices to take this information and to make it available in their systems. Therefore, some places that access student information may draw on official name rather than preferred first name. Should you have any concerns or issues with this process please contact Mike Burke, Registrar, to discuss options.

Who has access to my legal name? 
We make preferred name available to other offices but it is their responsibility to manage their information systems. This means that some offices may use your official name in lieu of your preferred name. However, faculty and staff with access to my.harvard and course rosters will only see your preferred first name and official last name. Administrative users in our office and offices such as the Housing Office can view all names. If you have questions or concerns please contact Mike Burke, Registrar, to discuss options.

Can my Harvard ID reflect my chosen name?
At this time only the official name can appear on the HUID card. However your official name can be derivative of your legal name (e.g. initials as opposed to the full name). Contact the Registrar's Office for this option. The reason that Harvard Campus Services requires legal name is because they need to verify a student's legal identity when issuing a Harvard ID card and the name has to match your government-issued identification. If you have concerns about this from a gender identity perspective please contact either Mike Burke, Registrar, to discuss options.

Online Grading Portal

The Course Head has asked me to enter grades, but I don't have access to the course to do so.
To become an authorized grader, contact the Course Head. Course Head instructions for adding/removing Graders:

  • To view a list of existing Graders, click "Add/Remove" in the Authorized Graders column for the desired course.
  • To add a Grader click "Add/Remove" in the Authorized Graders column for the desired course. Enter the person's HUID and click "Find Person." Verify the photo and title, and if correct click "Add."
  • To delete a Grader, click "Add/Remove" in the Authorized Graders column for the desired course. Click the checkbox to the left of the Grader to be removed. Click "Delete."

The submit button is not highlighted, so I can not submit my gradesheet. Why?

  • You are a Grader. Only Course Heads, who have the ability to submit grades to the Registrar's Office can see the Submit button.
  • You are a Course Head but have not completed grade entry.
  • You are a Course Head, you have entered grades for each student, but required comments are missing. Scan the grade sheet for entry boxes highlighted in red.
  • You are a Course Head, you have entered all grades and comments. The submit button has not activated because you have not moved off the last grade row. Press the tab key, until you are taken to the submit button.

What do I do if I already submitted my grades and need to change the grade for a student?
Once grades are submitted to the Registrar's Office the Course Head can submit a grade change through Online Grading. To change a grade, see the Grading section of this website. For further assistance please submit the Online Grading Portal form on the Contact Us page.


How do I access my online registration?
Log in at to register and select courses. Step-by-step instructions are available in the IT Help Center.

How do I enroll in a Cross-Registered course?
Students can indicate their interest to enroll in a Cross-Registered course by clicking the "add x-reg classes" button in the registration tool. All students must file a separate Cross-Registration petition to be officially enrolled. Information about Cross-Registered courses can be found at

I am unable to access the online registration.
Visiting Fellows do not register for courses. If you are registered in either the fall or spring solely for the purpose of graduating or completing work needed to graduate and you are expecting to graduate in the same semester's November or March, you do not complete registration.

How can I confirm that I am enrolled in courses?
After you submit your online registration, the courses that your are enrolled in will be listed under your "My Classes" section of


Secondary Fields

Can PhD students complete secondary fields? 

PhD students at Harvard may elect a secondary field of study in specific departments. A secondary field in PhD studies consists of a set of four or five graduate courses in a discipline, interdisciplinary area, or intellectually coherent subfield. The program offering the secondary field provides an intellectual rationale and outlines the package of courses required.

Students who choose to pursue courses for a secondary field remain under GSAS time limits and must meet all milestones and deadlines in their home PhD programs. Instructions and Application are available on the GSAS website.

Student Record Requests

Due to MA Governor Baker's Emergency Stay at Home order, the Registrar's Office will not be completing any in person student record requests until further notice 

How can I view my admissions/official student file?

Students and alumni wishing access to their education records should complete the appropriate Record Request Form located on our Forms & Petitions page and submit it to the FAS Registrar's Office. The student or alum should identify the specific record or records he/she wishes to inspect. Once the request is received the Registrar’s Office will gather the appropriate records and access will be given within 45 days from the receipt of the request. When a record contains information about more than one student, the student requesting access may inspect and review only the portion of the record relating to him or her. Students also are not permitted to view letters and statements of recommendation to which they waived their right of access, or that were placed in their file before January 1, 1975.  Requests may be sent to or mailed to:

Information & Records

FAS Registrar’s Office

Harvard University

Richard A. & Susan F. Smith Campus Center

1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 450

Cambridge, MA 02138

I am a family member of an alumnus or doing research on an alumnus, how can I get access to their official student file?

Under a specific set of circumstances student records may be available to family members and researchers as allowable under FERPA.  Please email for more information about arranging access.

Student Registration, Enrollment, and Grades

What does the grade of ^^^ mean on my student record?
The symbol ^^^ means that the professor has not yet reported your grade. Your grade is "pending".

Do I need the instructor number on my Add/Drop form?
You need the instructor number when you are enrolling in 300 or 3000 level courses only. For all other courses, no instructor number is needed.

I have cross- registered into FAS and wish to drop an FAS course. Do I need to submit a drop form at both my home school AND FAS ?
No. Submit a drop form at your home school only. Your Registrar's Office will report the drop to the FAS Registrar's Office. You must drop before the FAS deadline or the deadline at your home school, whichever is earliest.

I am a Graduate Student and I need to add or withdraw from a course after the Add/Drop deadline. What is the process?
To add or withdraw after the Add/Drop deadline, graduate students must submit a petition to the GSAS Dean's Office at Holyoke Center 350.