Degree Verifications

Why is The National Student Clearinghouse involved?
The FAS Registrar’s Office has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to collect inquiries for verifications. If the data you provide can be confirmed then the verification is instantaneous. However, the staff of the Registrar’s Office manually verifies requests whenever there is incomplete or potentially erroneous information. Please allow 8-10 business days for processing if we have to request materials from University Archives on your behalf. 

Can I verify any Harvard University...

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Who can order a transcript?
Any current or former student at Harvard College or the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences can order a transcript through our office via Credentials Inc.

How much does a transcript cost?
$8- Electronic Transcript

$10- Mailed Transcript

$12- Hold For Pick Up at FAS Registrars Office


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College Requirements

How do I change my concentration?

Students can change their concentration online via my.harvard.edu. More information regarding this process will become available in late August 2016.

How can I waive a certain Core or General Education requirement based on my study abroad credits?

When the study abroad credits are visible on your student record, please email send gened@fas.harvard.edu an email to indicate what course/which GenEd requirement you want would like to waive. If...

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Enrollment Certifications

Where can I get an Enrollment Certification? 

Certificates of Enrollment are now available to active students in their my.Harvard account. Please log in to my.harvard.edu using your HarvardKey credentials. The certificate of enrollment is located in the Documents tab of your Student Home page. You must ensure that your browser allows pop-ups as an active pop-up blocker will prevent your document from opening.


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When will the final exam schedule be posted?
The fall Final Exam Schedule will be posted in mid-September. The spring final exam schedule will be posted in mid-February.

How can I determine when my exam is likely to take place before the exam schedule is posted?
Most courses are assigned a numeric Exam and Student Deadline Group, which is listed with course information in the...

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GSAS Requirements

I am in a PhD program and want to receive the Masters degree once I complete the course requirements. Do I still need to submit a degree application?
Yes, a degree application is necessary for each degree to be granted. Degrees are not granted automatically.

What happens if I apply for a degree but do not receive it?
A new application must be filed for the next available degree granting period.

How will I know my dissertation has been accepted?
Dissertations are reviewed by the Registrar’s Office...

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Online Grading Portal

The Course Head has asked me to enter grades, but I don't have access to the course to do so.
To become an authorized grader, contact the Course Head. Course Head instructions for adding/removing Graders:

  • To view a list of existing Graders, click "Add/Remove" in the Authorized Graders column for the desired course.
  • To add a Grader click "Add/Remove" in the Authorized Graders column for the desired course. Enter...
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How do I access my online registration?
Log in at my.harvard.edu to register and select courses. Step-by-step instructions are available in the Knowledge Center.

How do I enroll in a Cross-Registered course?
Students can indicate their interest to enroll in a Cross-Registered course by clicking the "add x-reg classes" button in the...

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Student Record Requests

How can I view my admissions/official student file?

Students and alumni wishing access to their education records should complete the appropriate Record Request Form located on our Forms & Petitions page and submit it to the FAS Registrar's Office. The student or alum should identify the specific record or records he/she wishes to inspect. Once the request is received the Registrar’s Office will gather the appropriate...

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Student Registration, Enrollment, and Grades

What does the grade of ^^^ mean on my student record?
The symbol ^^^ means that the professor has not yet reported your grade. Your grade is "pending".

Do I need the instructor number on my Add/Drop form?
You need the instructor number when you are enrolling in 300 or 3000 level courses only. For all other courses, no instructor number is needed.

I have cross- registered into FAS and wish to drop an FAS course. Do I need to submit a drop form at both my home school AND FAS ?
No. Submit a drop form at your home school...

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