Who can order a transcript?
Any current or former student at Harvard College or the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences can order a transcript through our office via Credentials Inc.

How much does a transcript cost?
$8- Electronic Transcript

$10- Mailed Transcript

$12- Hold For Pick Up at FAS Registrars Office

Can I get an electronic version of my transcript?
Yes Electronic Transcripts are available.

Can I get an unofficial version of my transcript?
Students may access an unofficial, PDF version of the transcript by clicking here. An unofficial transcript does not use the University paper and does not include the Registrar’s signature, but this PDF version is often acceptable to use when applying for internships, fellowships, and graduate school online.

Why do you require my consent to send out my transcript?
The regulations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA, 1974) require us to obtain your signed consent before releasing your academic record. The law and ensuing policy is in place for your protection. As such, you can trust that no third party will be able to see your academic record without your consent.

How long will it take my order to be processed?

Electronic transcript requests are processed immediately once the order is authorized. 

Paper transcript requests are processed 1-2 business days after the order is authorized. 

Hold for Pick up transcript requests are processed and printed 1 business day after order is authorized.
Pickup is at: 1350 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 450.Office of the Registrar.

How many transcripts can I order at a time?
You can order up to 5 transcripts per individual Credentials Inc order.

What happens if I place my order during a weekend or holiday?
All electronic transcript requests are processed 7 days a week. Paper transcript requests are processed Monday through Friday only. Paper transcript requests placed on a weekend or holiday will be processed on the following working business day. 

What happens if my transcript gets lost in the mail? 
The FAS Registrar’s Office is not responsible for the mail delivery. If your order gets lost or returned then you will need to place a new request via Credentials Inc. No refunds will be provided. To ensure delivery we suggest sending your transcript through FedEx so you will have a tracking number and be able to confirm delivery.

How long will you hold my transcript if I ask for it to be held for pick-up?
We will hold transcripts for pick-up at the front desk of our office at 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 450 for 90 days. After 90 days you will need to submit a new order.

What if I need to include a document with my transcript?
You can digitally scan and upload an electronic copy of any form you need to have included with your transcript, through the Credentials Inc ordering form. As part of your transcript order, you will need to enter your LSAC or AMCAS account number.

Can I order a transcript if I never received my degree?
Any student of Harvard College or the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences who has satisfied their financial obligation to the University may order a transcript of their academic record.

Can I order a transcript if there is a financial hold on my record?
No. You must satisfy your financial obligation to the University before we can release your transcript.

Will you hold my request, e.g. until final grades come in? 
No. Transcripts are processed in real time and we do not have the capacity to hold requests. Your academic record at the time of your request is what will be printed on your transcript. Current students can verify which grades and courses are available on their transcript by viewing their unofficial transcript.

How do I get a transcript if I graduated before 1981? 
You will still send your request to us through Credentials Inc. Sometimes we are able to generate your transcript from the records we keep at The Registrar’s Office but sometimes we have to requisition older files from University Archives before we can send the transcripts. If this is the case with your transcript, you will receive an email indicating that we are obtaining your record from archives.