Student Registration, Enrollment, and Grades

What does the grade of ^^^ mean on my student record?
The symbol ^^^ means that the professor has not yet reported your grade. Your grade is "pending".

Do I need the instructor number on my Add/Drop form?
You need the instructor number when you are enrolling in 300 or 3000 level courses only. For all other courses, no instructor number is needed.

I have cross- registered into FAS and wish to drop an FAS course. Do I need to submit a drop form at both my home school AND FAS ?
No. Submit a drop form at your home school only. Your Registrar's Office will report the drop to the FAS Registrar's Office. You must drop before the FAS deadline or the deadline at your home school, whichever is earliest.

I am a Graduate Student and I need to add or withdraw from a course after the Add/Drop deadline. What is the process?
To add or withdraw after the Add/Drop deadline, graduate students must submit a petition to the GSAS Dean's Office at Holyoke Center 350.