How do I access online check-in?
Log in at by entering your HUID Number and PIN and select the "Student Home" tab. Click the check-in link listed under the "To Do" section of your Student Home and follow the instructions to check-in. 

How do I know that I have successfully checked-in?
Your check-in hold will be lifted and removed from the "To Do" box in the Student Home of your

I am off-campus. Can I check-in online?

I have checked-in, but there is still a hold on my record. How do I resolve the hold?
There are a variety of holds; each with a different way/place to clear it. These holds prevent you from enrolling in courses but not from checking-in. You can click on the To-Do items in my.harvard to learn more about each hold. You must resolve your hold with the office that initiated it. For example, if you have a UHS hold you must contact University Health Services directly to address the hold. Here is a description of the more common holds you may encounter:

    • Advising: This is a hold that requires you to meet with your advisor before enrolling in courses. Your advisor releases this hold in order to virtually sign your study card.
    • Term Bill: If you have a balance on your student account you will need to pay the full amount in order to have this hold removed. If you are anticipating financial aid to be disbursed you may wish to contact your financial aid officer.
    • UHS/Immunization: University Health Services places and removes holds for students needing to provide documentation of their immunization records.
    • International Office: International students may be required to visit the Harvard International Office before enrolling. This office will remove the hold once you have visited them.