Name Changes, Preferred Names, Gender Pronouns, Gender Marker

How do I change my name on student records? 
You may change your official name on the student record once you have legally changed your name by completing this form and attaching supporting documentation. You may change your chosen name at any time via my.harvard. If you need a diploma or transcript showing your preferred name please visit our office on the 4th floor of the Smith Campus Center or email us at If you have concerns about your gender identity matching your credentials but have not changed your legal name please check in with the Registrar's Office for assistance.

How can I use my chosen name on my degree?
You may update your chosen name at any time on my.harvard by clicking on the pencil next to your name in the personal information tab. 

Will faculty and staff see my chosen name and pronouns on my.harvard?
Yes. Faculty and staff will see only your preferred first name on my.harvard now and on course rosters. If you provided gender pronouns those will also be visible on my.harvard and on course rosters. We make this information available to other users of student information, but it is up to those other offices to take this information and to make it available in their systems. Therefore, some places that access student information may draw on official name rather than preferred first name. Should you have any concerns or issues with this process please contact Mike Burke, Registrar, to discuss options.

Who has access to my legal name? 
We make preferred name available to other offices but it is their responsibility to manage their information systems. This means that some offices may use your official name in lieu of your preferred name. However, faculty and staff with access to my.harvard and course rosters will only see your preferred first name and official last name. Administrative users in our office and offices such as the Housing Office can view all names. If you have questions or concerns please contact Mike Burke, Registrar, to discuss options.

Can my Harvard ID reflect my chosen name?

Students who would like to have their Harvard ID replaced to reflect their gender identity/expression can have their ID card reprinted. There is no ID card fee for this service. We will use the “preferred first name” that is listed and take an updated photo. Last names can only be changed if there has been a legal name change. Visit your local ID office and request an updated Harvard ID card to reflect your gender identity/expression. Prior to coming to the ID office, please ensure that your preferred name is listed in my.Harvard and bring your current Harvard ID card to exchange for the new ID card. Bring a government-issued photo ID if you do not have a current Harvard ID card or if you are legally changing your last name.

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