GSAS Requirements

I am in a PhD program and want to receive the Masters degree once I complete the course requirements. Do I still need to submit a degree application?
Yes, a degree application is necessary for each degree to be granted. Degrees are not granted automatically.

What happens if I apply for a degree but do not receive it?
A new application must be filed for the next available degree granting period.

How will I know my dissertation has been accepted?
Dissertations are reviewed by the Registrar’s Office staff, in the order they are received. You will receive email confirmation of the dissertation status.

Once the dissertation is approved, can I consider myself as having received the degree?
Degrees are conferred three times a year: March, May, and November. Your degree is not official until it has been conferred. The dates of conferral are listed on the Registrar’s website.

What are the tuition requirements for the PhD and Masters degrees?
PhD students are required to pay four terms of Full tuition, four term of Reduced tuition, and must pay the minimum of Facilities Fee in their last term of enrollment. Masters students must pay the minimum of two terms of Full tuition.

How is my health coverage affected when I receive my final degree?
For May graduates, coverage will end on July 31. For November graduates coverage will end depending upon the day of dissertation submission. For March graduates coverage will end on January 31.