FAS Classrooms

Where are FAS classes meeting? Where and when will the FAS course classroom schedule be made available?
The FAS Registrar posts a Course Meetings Location Report, refreshed daily during the enrollment period. The FAS Registrar tracks course classroom assignments for all courses under the 300/3000 level. The Report includes discussion section and event assignments that take place in Registrar classrooms only. For information on any offered course without a meeting time and room location, contact the course's department.

How do I reserve a classroom for my FAS course?
The FAS Registrar coordinates classroom assignments with the academic departments. Contact the home department administrator of the course. The administrator submits a classroom request to the appropriate scheduler and notifies the FAS Registrar of the course's meeting time and location. For discussion sections and events contact the appropriate room scheduler. To reserve a classroom in the FAS Registrar's inventory, please use the online form found on Roombook. The FAS Registrar schedules approximately 30% of the classrooms in the FAS inventory. The remainder is scheduled by the various departments, center, and houses. A list of FAS Classrooms and contact information for schedulers is located on the Instructional Media Services' website.

How do I reserve media equipment?
For information on media equipment and services visit the Instructional Media Services website. Below are the email addresses and phone numbers to contact Instructional Media Services.


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