How do I access my online registration?
Log in at to register and select courses. Step-by-step instructions are available in the IT Help Center.

How do I enroll in a Cross-Registered course?
Students can indicate their interest to enroll in a Cross-Registered course by clicking the "add x-reg classes" button in the registration tool. All students must file a separate Cross-Registration petition to be officially enrolled. Information about Cross-Registered courses can be found at

I am unable to access the online registration.
Visiting Fellows do not register for courses. If you are registered in either the fall or spring solely for the purpose of graduating or completing work needed to graduate and you are expecting to graduate in the same semester's November or March, you do not complete registration.

How can I confirm that I am enrolled in courses?
After you submit your online registration, the courses that your are enrolled in will be listed under your "My Classes" section of