AY 2020-21 Requests

Use of Campus Spaces to Support Remote Instruction

Guiding Principles

  • Those who can successfully teach remotely are expected to do so.
  • Any return to campus (including return to an individual office) must be justified and approved by an appropriate group, as specified below.
  • The number of individuals who may return to campus is limited by building occupancy guidelines (10% for non-lab spaces) and viral testing capacity.

Given the concern about health and safety due to Covid-19, the expectation is that teaching will be done remotely from home.

Faculty who cannot teach from home may request to come to campus to teach or record lessons. With approval, they may use their offices, teaching labs, private studios, or other spaces controlled by individual departments or areas. Requests for this type of campus access should be directed to department administrators, and will be reviewed by first by department chairs and then by division leadership to ensure compliance with occupancy limits and with all guidelines for campus re-entry, including training, testing, and CrimsonClear.  Click here to view all the appropriate protocols for coming to campus. Due to competing research and teaching needs and limits in building occupancy and Harvard’s viral testing capabilities, it may not be possible to accommodate all requests, so departments will be expected to indicate their priorities when submitting requests to the dean for approval.

Instructional Media Services (IMS) Supported Spaces

Faculty who have more complex pedagogical needs, such as science demonstrations or musical performances, or who need complex media support for video recordings, may request use one of a small number of Registrar-scheduled classrooms supported by Media Services. Please note this list is limited due to university health and safety guidelines, and represents a set of spaces chosen for a remote, non-hybrid mode of instruction. Spring requests received by January 18th will be prioritized.

To use IMS-supported spaces, faculty should follow these steps: 

  1. Apply to your unit administration (Chair, Director, etc.) with a description of your course and the specific pedagogical needs that might require classroom use.
  2. Your unit leadership will weigh your request against other unit pedagogical needs and forward a prioritized campus occupancy request to divisional leadership.
  3. The divisional dean’s office will let your department and  IMS know if they approve the request.  IMS will contact you to determine the best way to support your pedagogical needs. IMS recommendations may include use of additional tools in your remote setting, a self-service classroom, or leveraging a technician to support filming or other technical needs.  IMS may be reached at MTS@fas.harvard.edu
  4. If a classroom will be needed, IMS will ask the Registrar’s Office to reserve the space in Roombook.


Non-Technical Quiet Spaces

There is also a short list of Registrar-scheduled classrooms that can be reserved for special circumstances where an instructor (faculty, TF, TA, CA) requires the use of an empty classroom for teaching without any IMS support. These classrooms have been carefully selected for occupancy because they meet strict health and safety standards.  These will be single-occupancy reservations, where only the instructor is allowed in the classroom. IMS will not be available to troubleshoot, nor can the instructor ask other teaching staff to be present.

To use a non-tech classroom space, follow these steps:

1. Apply to your unit administration (Chair, Director, etc.) for permission to be on campus and explain why you are unable to teach or work remotely.

2.  Your unit leadership will weigh your request against other unit pedagogical needs and forward a prioritized campus occupancy request to divisional leadership.

3. If approved, your divisional contact will forward your approved request to the FAS Registrar’s Classrooms Office.

3. The Classrooms office will grant access to FAS Roombook which will allow you to request a quiet, non-technical space from a short list of rooms on campus. These rooms will NOT be supported by IMS.  You will not have access to any media technology in the room aside from WiFi.

No other Registrar-scheduled classrooms will be available for use at this time.