Grade Changes and Incomplete Grades

Online Grading

Submission of final course grades to the Registrar's Office can be accomplished through and instructions are available in the Knowledge Center.

It is the Head Instructor's responsibility to submit final grades to the Registrar's database. While other faculty members or Teaching Fellows affiliated with a course may have grading permission, only the Head Instructor has the ability to post final grades. Due dates for each term are based on the assigned exam group, and are published in the Information for Faculty Handbook.

Head Instructors have the ability to assign additional proxy graders. Please note that in order to assign someone as a proxy grader, that person must be affiliated with the department offering the course. If this person is not affiliated with the department, please contact your department’s catalog coordinator for assistance. By default, Head Instructors are given "post" permission, and Teaching Fellows and Teaching Assistants are given “grade" permission.


INC Grades

A graduate student who receives a grade of INC (Incomplete), which is granted only at the discretion of the instructor, must complete the work of the incomplete course before the end of the term following that in which the course was taken, even if the student’s registration status during that term is leave of absence, unless she or he is given an earlier deadline by the instructor. If the work is not submitted by that time, the INC becomes a permanent grade, unless the student has petitioned successfully for an extension.

Faculty members submit final grades to replace the INCs through Grade Change instructions are available in the Knowledge Center.