Curriculum Coordinators

The Registrar's Office has sent communications to curriculum coordinators regarding Fall 2020 scheduling. Reference these important updates under the Latest News section on this page.

The Academic Planning team supports 100+ Curriculum Coordinators in the creation and maintenance of course information for the Faculty of Arts & Sciences (FAS). Department contacts are stored and updated in the Curriculum Contact List. Visit the Previous FAS Course Offerings page to access course listings from prior years. See our archived communications in the Message Center.

Curriculum Management Workflows last updated 6.1.20
The Workflows are step-by-step instructions for all curriculum processes. Note: this document presuppose basic familiarity with and Course Search (and Preview), as well as basics covered in the intro trainings.

Refresh Schedule (when will my my.harvard edits appear?)
Data Refresh Schedule
Common Changes to SOC (Cheat Sheet)

Need Assistance?
The Registrar's Office is closed to walk-ins due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The courses team is available for trainings and meetings via Zoom and live chat via Teams. Contact us to request remote support at a time that's convenient for you or your team or leave us a message at 617-496-5212. See COVID-19 guidance for the GSAS community. See COVID-19 Information for the Harvard College community.

Additional Resources

FAS Policy Resources

Training Program and On-boarding New Coordinators

Our office conducts 24+ curriculum trainings a year, based on 7 classes that repeat year-round. We recognize that each department has unique curriculum needs. Contact us for additional training on topics of interest.

Action items for on-boarding new Coordinators:
  1. Contact to request my.harvard admin access.
  2. Contact to get added to the communications list.
  3. Review the orientation slides from the 101 training.
  4. Register for upcoming trainings.
  5. Review and Bookmark these FAS policy resources:
Training Offerings:

YouTube Playlist
Review our Playlist for video tutorials and pre-recorded trainings.

2020 Training Schedule
Below are the PowerPoint presentations for each training.

Introductory Trainings
Orientation - Welcome to Curriculum Management
Curriculum Management 101
Curriculum Management 102
or Accelerated Intro to Curriculum Management (101+102)
A la carte Trainings (Recommended)
Multi-Component Course Setup
Cross-Listing and Combining Courses
How to Use the Balance Tool (4.1.20 Recording)
How to use the FAS Curriculum WorkCenter

Tools and Dashboards


Can I delete a course?

No. Please never delete a course. Deleting courses creates "orphaned" data.

What if I accidentally created a course?

That is ok! Just make sure to un-schedule that course if it’s scheduled and inactivate it. Then, the next time you need to create a new course, recycle” that ID and change the course setup in accordance with the new course. It’s ok to recycle an unused ID because it has not been introduced to the enrollment process.

Can we reuse a catalog number?

Technically, there isn't a safe amount of time before reusing a number. This is because behind the scenes, historical data remains tied to the old course id. If a catalog number absolutely must be re-used, please contact us to make sure at least 5 years have passed since the course was last offered, and that the original is un-scheduled and inactivated.

"Course updates are not appearing in Course Search"

  • Data Refresh
    Most catalog data refreshes take place overnight. Have you given the system at least one day for your catalog change to appear in Course Search / Preview?
    Most schedule changes appear incrementally. Have you given the system at least one hour for the schedule change to appear in Course Search / Preview?
  • Schedule Print
    Is the "Schedule Print" box enabled in the Schedule of Classes? Contact us to have it added to the Catalog to prevent future issues.
  • Documentation
    If you did not use documentation, check the Workflow documentation steps to see if anything has been missed.
  • Effective Date
    Effective dating in Course Catalog is 8/15/YYY for changes that should be effective for the fall term, and 1/15/YYYY for changes that should be effective for the spring term. There are exceptions: bracketing and inactivating dates should be effective as of the closeset upcoming deadline from today, e.g. today is 6/15/2020, so the closeset deadline in time is 8/15/2020.

"I'm trying to add an instructor to a class but they are not appearing."

  • Permission
    Has the "permission" to teach in your department been added? See the Workflow for Update Inst/Adv Table for adding your department to the instructor's list of approved departments.
  • Effective Date
    If you've given instructors permission to be added to your department courses and the instructor still won't appear check the effective date in the Inst/Adv table. The effective date for the Inst/Adv table should always be today's date UNLESS we are past the courses deadline. If past the courses deadline, contact us to backdate your edits to 1/15 for spring or 8/15 for fall.

I received the error: "Cannot change current or history records unless in Correction mode.

Check the effective date on the Catalog Data tab of the Course Catalog. You are likely seeing this error because the effective date is in the past. Contact us if the effective date is in the future, but you are still getting this error and we will use Correction mode. (Note: departments do not have access to Correction mode.)

I received the error: “Resource: PS_EVENT_LAST_TBL is in use by __________”

We can fix that! Take a screenshot of the error and send it to courses. This error happens when the system is overtaxed, most commonly before / during start of term.

I received the error: "No Qualifying Components were found for Auto Creation. (14600,509)”

The Auto Create box must be checked for all seconary components in the Course Catalog and Class Associations for this error to resolve.