Catalog Coordinators

The Academic Planning team within the Registrar's Office is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the FAS Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes in my.harvard. We support over one hundred catalog coordinators in the creation and maintenance of course information for the Faculty of Arts & Sciences.

Catalog coordinators should sign in via the Administrative Access link of my.harvard, and perform their work in two parts:

  • FAS Course Catalog: a full inventory of a particular department's offerings
  • Schedule of Classes: classes that are "scheduled" to be offered in a particular semester

Please visit the Previous FAS Course Offerings page to access course listings from prior years.

Online Help Resources: 
Take advantage of the video tutorials that are available on every page of the Catalog and the Schedule of Classes as you build your department course offerings. Click the Help link in the upper right hand corner of any tab and watch a tutorial or download and print documentation. Also, don't forget about the my.harvard Knowledge Center which hosts a wealth of information for instructors, advisors, students and staff on everything from the study card process, to sectioning. 
For Help with Technical Issues (access issues, log-in problems, cannot view courses, etc.):
For Help with Business Process or Course Setup Questions:
Contact the Academic Planning group at or 617-496-5212.
Training Resources and Overview of my.harvard, Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes:

If  you are new to curriculum management, contact for initial setup and training.

Workflow training documentation for setting up new courses, schedule of classes and making updates:
Getting Started - what you need to know:
FAS Curriculum Workcenter Audits:
Schedule of Classes: