The my.harvard sectioning tool is available to instructional staff who create or edit discussion, laboratory or other class sections. The tool is also helpful for courses that wish to move students among various enrollment sections (ex: language courses). Instructional staff may use the sectioning tool through the Fifth Monday, which is the final date for add/drop (with fee). No further section changes may be made after that date. 

Comprehensive sectioning instructions and video tutorials are available on the my.harvard Knowledge Center. The FAS Registrar's Office offers walk-in lab sectioning support before the start of each term. These sessions are not trainings; you must view the videos and review documentation on the Knowledge Center before attending the labs. Staff will be available to answer specific questions and help with troubleshooting. 

To schedule space for your section:

Some TFs have access to designated department space for sections, while others need to seek out University campus space. For a robust list of FAS classrooms, classroom attributes, and scheduler contact information for many of the classrooms in the FAS inventory go to “Room Information” on Media Services’ website.

Tips for TFs: Suggestions for requesting section space  

 1. Access: You must have access to FAS Roombook in order to request classroom space:  Try logging in ASAP to see if you have been granted access; you should see your name on the right hand side of the screen.  Hover over “Reservations”, and select the “Fall Request Template” from the drop down menu.  If you do NOT have access, “guest” will appear on the right hand side rather than your name.  To obtain Roombook access, please email

2. Process: When Roombook opens for an upcoming term, the FAS Classrooms Office receives requests for events, course-related activities, student events, section space, and course meeting space.  Courses are our first priority. After the registration deadline has passed and enrollment numbers may be confirmed, course locations will often change. Unfortunately, if a course needs a space you have requested for a discussion section, your section may be relocated. Know that we will communicate all room changes and will work with you to find an alternate space.  Your section will NOT be relocated for events; only for courses. 

3. Space: While securing section locations will always be a challenge, here are a few tips to have more success acquiring a room:

  • Request space in 60 minute blocks on M/W/F or 90 minute blocks on T/Th.  This will better conform to the course schedule and more options will be available.  By requesting long blocks of time, your chances of having a section relocated drastically increase. It is difficult for the Classrooms Office to accommodate requests for back-to-back sections in the same room.
  • Request space in the afternoons or evenings.  While afternoons are still quite busy, the busiest time periods are 10am-1pm each day. Most requests for section space are between Wednesday afternoon and Friday at 1 pm.  You will greatly increase your chances of securing space from the FAS Registrar by requesting space earlier in the week, on Monday or Tuesday, or during the afternoon hours on Friday. 
  • The best buildings to request section space: Lowell Hall, Memorial Hall, Lamont Library or Vanserg.