The my.harvard sectioning tool is available to instructional staff to create or edit discussion, laboratory (etc.) class sections, based on an existing placeholder. The tool is also helpful for courses that wish to move students among various enrollment sections (ex: language courses with multiple lectures).

Watch a 60-Second Introduction to the Sectioning Tool:


The FAS Registrar's Office offers sectioning support before the start of each term. See side-bar menu for upcoming virtual Sectioning Labs. Training materials are available on the Sectioning Walk-through tab, including step-by-step instructions, YouTube video guides, and FAQs. For questions regarding sectioning errors or access to the tool, contact us.

Note all classes (including discussions and labs) must start at designated start times. Classes run up to 75 minutes or 2 hours and 45 minutes, with 15 minutes reserved time between classes. Canvas sites are automatically generated for sections created in the tool. For help with Canvas sites contact Academic Technologies.