Submission of final course grades to the Registrar's Office can be accomplished through and instructions are available in our knowledge center. Click here for a list of Fall 2017 Grade Entry Deadlines.

It is the Head Instructor's responsibility to submit final grades to the Registrar's database. While other faculty members or Teaching Fellows affiliated with a course may have grading permission, only the Head Instructor has the ability to post final grades. Please read more information regarding Responsibility for Evaluation in the Faculty Handbook.

Head Instructors have the ability to assign additional proxy graders. Find detailed instructions about assigning proxy graders here. Please note that in order to assign someone as a proxy grader, that person must be affiliated with the department offering the course. If this person is not affiliated with the department, please contact your department’s catalog coordinator for assistance. By default, Head Instructors are given "post" permission, and Teaching Fellows and Teaching Assistants are given “grade" permission. Learn more about permission levels here. If you would like to change the permission level for a proxy grader, please contact your department’s catalog coordinator.

Faculty should keep in mind that all grade information is classified as highly sensitive and confidential data under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. As such, this information can never be released to third parties without the written consent of the students to whom the grades have been assigned. Grade information should never be stored on local computers or local database systems. For more information about FERPA, refer to the separate link from the home page of this website. For further information regarding information security and privacy guidelines at Harvard, faculty should visit the following Harvard University website:

For additional information, please go to the Contact Us page.