Exam and Course Deadline Groups will begin appearing in the my.harvard course search in August. Exam and Course Deadline Groups typically correspond to course meetings times and may change if the course's meeting time changes. The Final Exam Schedule will be published in late-September.

The Registrar's Office schedules and coordinates midyear examinations and final examinations. Please note that hourly and midterm examinations are the responsibility of the course head; the Registrar's Office is not involved in their scheduling or administration. Information about the administration of midyear and final examinations is outlined in Information for Faculty Offering Instruction in Arts and Sciences.

Placement Examinations
The details concerning summer and winter placement examinations are posted on the Placement Exams website. Placement exams, while primarily directed at freshmen, are open to all students. 

Final Assessment Information
All teaching Faculty are asked to declare a final assessment for each course. Go to the Teaching and Advising tab in my.harvard, scroll down to ‘My Courses’ and click on the Final Assessment button next to your class. The final assessment for the course is up to each course head. If a three-hour Registrar scheduled exam is selected, your course will be added to the final exam schedule and a classroom will be booked by the classrooms office. 

Midyear and Final Examinations
To request a Registrar-scheduled final exam, please use the final assessment application. The final schedule for midyear and final examinations will be posted to the Registrar's website in September for fall final/midyear examinations and in February for spring final examinations. Faculty are advised not to make any travel plans until the official final examination schedule is published, as they are expected to be available for the duration of the Final Examination Period.