Current course enrollment statistics are posted to this website daily between registration deadline and the last day to add/drop. These enrollment figures are for all FAS courses including 300/3000-level courses. A student is officially enrolled in a course only when a student's name appears on the course list or when the Office of the Registrar notifies the instructor of a late enrollment.

Instructors should contact the Registrar's Office at 617-495-1543 or by e-mailing us at enrollment@fas.harvard.edu if there are:

  • Students (other than auditors) who attend class, but whose names do not appear on the course list.
  • Students (except those with a status of 'withdrawn') who have stopped attending class, but whose names still appear on the course list.


If you are the Course Head, you have access to your course enrollment list. To access your course enrollment lists, visit my.harvard.edu. Under the Teaching/Advising tab, locate the class roster button associated with your course.

You may notice a number in the top right hand corner (we call this a badge). The badge indicates the current number of enrolled students. Click to display the full list. You may select students to email, select the whole roster, or download the full list to spreadsheet.

Archived Course Enrollment Reports