The my.harvard Course Search allows users to explore Harvard's rich assortment of courses and seminars through modern search and filter techniques. Among the features: 

  • Search within course titles, long descriptions, course notes, instructor names, meeting patterns, etc.
  • Familiar search filtering and sorting features allowing user-friendly navigation
  • Advanced Search page for targeted searches
  • Search both currently offered and future/bracketed courses
  • Data refreshed daily to reflect recent course changes 

My.harvard provides students, faculty, advisers, and administrators with an all-in-one resource for viewing academic tasks (course registration and management, communication with instructors and advisers, advising appointments, grading, etc.) and managing student information (addresses, contact information). Previous FAS Course Offerings remain accessible on the Registrar's website.

The Office of the Registrar compiles the my.harvard course listings by gathering course information from department and committee offices as well as the Dean's Office. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences offers these courses to students registered in Harvard College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. A student in good standing in any other School of the University may be admitted to courses by cross-registration at the discretion of the faculty. Course information published in the my.harvard Course Search becomes the official basis for the Registrar's records; it affects the issuing of course rosters, grading access, classroom assignments, and final examination schedules. Complete and up-to-date course information enables the Registrar to carry out Faculty policy, as well as to locate individual students in an emergency. It is extremely important that departments and committees notify the Registrar of any changes - especially changes of instructor or meeting time - regardless of when they occur in the academic year. Course changes may be sent to Academic Planning in the Registrar's Office at