The Office of the FAS Registrar and Instructional Media Services have pooled information on classrooms in the FAS inventory. Visit the website for Media Services. Browse buildings and rooms for information on seating style and capacity, classroom features, audio-visual equipment, and contact e-mail addresses for schedulers and building managers.

The classroom inventory includes information provided by those FAS departments able to participate in the classroom survey. Not all FAS departments have space available for non-departmental events. Reservation requests and questions should be addressed to the scheduler for the room.

Requests for audio-visual equipment or services in FAS classrooms may be directed to:

FAS Classroom Usage during Fall and Spring term Final Examination Periods
During the Final Examination Periods in January and in May, all FAS Classrooms are reserved for the exclusive use of the FAS Registrar's Exams Office.

Classroom Emergencies
After-hour emergencies and problems with the temperature or ventilation of classrooms should be referred to the University Operations Center (617-495-5560). The Harvard University Operations Center provides 24-hour per day, 365-days per year standard and emergency response services.

Maintenance or repair requests for classrooms located in Harvard Yard should be referred to Harvard Yard Operations (617-495-8842).