UPDATE: RoomBook Opens on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

The FAS Registrar's Classrooms Office schedules about one-third of the classrooms within the FAS room inventory. The remaining rooms are scheduled by academic and administrative departments, centers, and houses. Classroom assignments for courses are coordinated between academic departments and the Classrooms office, while requests for discussion sections, course-related and non course-related events can be made through Roombook. Student organizations should consult the Dean of Students Office for assistance and information regarding Roombook access and event planning guidelines.  Please visit the requests page for more assistance and information regarding classroom requests. 

The Course Meetings Location Report is a robust listing of locations for all course meetings, including lectures, discussion sections, and film screenings. This list is refreshed daily, so any changes or additions may take up to twenty-four hours to appear.

View the Archived Course Meetings Location Reports