The FAS Registrar's Classrooms Office schedules about one-third of the classrooms in the FAS room inventory. The remaining classrooms are scheduled in the departments, centers, and houses. Classroom assignments for courses, sections, and one-time events are coordinated between academic departments and scheduling offices. Specific information about requesting classrooms is outlined in the Course Administration section of Information for Faculty Offering Instruction in Arts and Sciences.



The Course Meetings Location Report is a robust listing of locations for all course meetings, including lectures, discussion sections, and film screenings. This list is refreshed daily, so any changes or additions may take up to twenty-four hours to appear. 


Archived Course Meetings Location Reports

Student groups should be directed to Office of Student Life page for details regarding event planning for student groups: The FAS Registrar's Classrooms Office is available to assist faculty, staff, and teaching fellows in addressing classroom needs.

Space can be reserved for discussion sections, exams, review sessions, as well as non-course-related events at Please see the Sectioning page for tips on how to secure classroom space.

Accessible Education


Any instructor needing personal accessible accommodations is requested to notify the University Disability Coordinator at Any student needing academic adjustments or accommodations is requested to consult the Accessible Education Office (AEO). Instructors should ensure that lectures, sections, review sessions, etc. are held in physically accessible spaces when required. The Registrar's Classrooms Office can assist when relocation of a course is necessary.

Contact Information

Academic Planning: Classrooms Office
Telephone: 617-495-1541

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