Academic Advising Report (AAR)

What is the AAR?

The Academic Advising Report or AAR, is a tool that aggregates all the of Harvard College requirements in one place, to facilitate transparency in advising, course selection, and report on student progress towards degree. Students and advisors may view the AAR web version and print/download the AAR pdf to bring to advisory meetings. 

AAR web

How Do I Access the Student AAR?

Students, advisors, faculty, houses, and departments can generate the AAR via the teaching and advising portal in my.harvard by selecting the Advising Report link under the Academic Program tab. 

Who can use the AAR?

Active membership in a concentration (JCONCENTRA) and secondary field (JSECFIELD) advising committee is required in order to access student AARs. If you are unable to access student AARs in portal, please contact your department administrator.


What is the Purpose of the AAR?

In addition to academic advising, the AAR can be used to support degree verification, also known as, degree audit. The AAR will display all Harvard College requirements with a status of satisfied, unsatisfied, or waived. To view all concentrators' requirements, the HCOL Concentration and House/Yard Workcenters offer reports and audits to track all students within the concentration or housing affiliation. See the AAR Resources page for additional information.


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