GSAS Deadline for May Degree Candidates to submit dissertations in order to cancel spring tuition and health fee


Friday, February 3, 2017 (All day)

Last day on which student may withdraw from their program and cancel registration for the spring term without payment of tuition.

Students withdrawing after this date will be charged tuition pursuant to calendar in Chapter VIII, Tuition Associated with Mid-Term Withdrawal.


Deadline for May degree candidates to submit approved dissertations to FAS Registrar’s Office who would like spring term tuition charge and Student Health Fee and Student Health Insurance Plan removed from their termbill. If May degree candidate submits approved dissertation by this date, registration for spring term will be cancelled, spring tuition charge will be removed, and spring Student Health Fee and Student Health Insurance Plan will be cancelled (retroactive to January 31). Student will be billed for any medical costs incurred during the period following January 31. See timeline for additional information.