Credit for Graduate Work Done Elsewhere

A PhD student who has completed at least one full term of satisfactory work in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may file an application at the Registrar’s Office requesting that work done in a graduate program elsewhere be counted toward the academic residence requirement. No more than the equivalent of eight courses (32 credits) may be so counted for the PhD. An Application for Academic Credit for Work Done Elsewhere must contain a list of the courses, with grades, for which the student is seeking credit, and must be approved by the student’s department. In order for credit to be granted, official transcripts showing the courses for which credit is sought must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Only courses taken in a Harvard AB-AM or AB-SM program, in Harvard Summer School, as a GSAS Special Student or FAS courses taken as an employee under the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) may be counted toward the minimum academic residence requirements for a master’s degree. The Application for Academic and Financial Credit for Graduate Work does as Harvard as a Special Student or Under the TAP Program form should be submitted. A maximum of four courses (16 credits) toward a one-year master’s and eight courses (32 credits) toward a two-year master’s or the PhD degree can be granted.