Courses & Exams

The Office of the Registrar compiles the my.harvard course listings by gathering course information from department and committee offices as well as the Dean's Office. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences offers these courses to students registered in Harvard College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. A student in good standing in any other School of the University may be admitted to courses by cross-registration at the discretion of the faculty.
Students are admitted to a course after they have fulfilled all the requirements for that course as stated in the catalog or by permission of the instructor. Courses may be selected via the course shopping tool on my.harvard. Course locations will be available on the Registrar's website and on individual course websites. Each course website may be accessed through my.harvard.
Students registered in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences may enroll in most courses given by other faculties of the University by cross registration and they also may take courses at approved non-Harvard schools. The courses at non-Harvard institutions are also available in my.harvard.
The public health crisis occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented social and economic disruption worldwide, in the United States, and in the Boston/Cambridge area. Anticipating that continued in-person, on-campus instruction would increase the risk of infections in our community, the University acted promptly in March 2020 to “de-densify” its campus and transition to online instruction. Harvard reached this decision after careful (but time-pressed) deliberation, drawing on insights and expertise from public health experts worldwide — including on the Harvard faculty. 
As we look ahead to the fall and beyond, we are planning for several contingency scenarios that would protect the health and safety of our community, preserve our ability to adapt to evolving circumstances, and ensure the continuity of our teaching and research mission. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences continues to retain the discretion to apply its considered judgment to the question of how best to pursue its educational programs during the COVID-19 crisis, which may include, among other things, making recourse to online instruction and instituting compulsory testing and tracing programs as required conditions for accessing the Harvard campus or Harvard facilities.