Classroom Requests for FAS Courses

Classroom assignments for courses are coordinated between academic departments, scheduling offices, and the FAS Classrooms Office.


Initial classroom assignments by the FAS Classrooms Office are made after considering a number of factors including instructional requirements, enrollment history, accessibility, special circumstances, and room availability. Faculty members requesting classroom space should communicate their classroom needs for their courses to department administrators, catalog coordinator, or course planners who compile and submit room requests to the FAS Classrooms Office in mid-June (for the fall term) and November (for the spring term). Timelines and information regarding entering preferences will be sent to each department.


The Classrooms Office will evaluate preferences and supply tentative assignments to each department. Once the departments have had a chance to review the assignments, classroom assignments will be sent to instructors and faculty members. Due to the fluctuation of enrollment during the shopping period, the FAS Classrooms Office typically does not reassign classrooms until after the Registration Deadline, when initial enrollment figures are more accurate. However, if, after the first day of classes, there seems to be an urgent need to change room assignments, contact the FAS Classrooms Office at


As a reminder, room assignments are subject to change due to enrollment numbers or other pedagogical needs. Instructors should immediately contact their department if the meeting timechanges from the published course listing in my.harvard or when a change in location occurs after the initial classroom assignment has been determined.


More information on Classrooms assignments can be found in the Course Administration section of Information for Faculty Offering Instruction in Arts and Sciences.