Previous Course Offerings

The previous Courses of Instruction are organized into PDF documents by academic year. Although they are large files, they can be navigated easily using some built-in features of the document format:

  1. Even if the file opens in your browser, it's best to download the file and open it in an application designed specifically to view PDF documents, like Acrobat's PDF viewer (the latest version is available at
    If the document opens in your browser by default, navigate back to this page with the list of links and right-click on the link to the file. Depending on the browser, you will see an option like "Save Link As..." or "Download Linked File," which will give you the option to save the file to your computer.

  2. bookmark iconThe documents are organized into sections using bookmarks.  If you don't see a sidebar listing these sections, open up the "Bookmarks" tab by clicking on the bookmark icon (see the blue icon to the right).  You can use these sections to navigate by topic.

  3. find box

    If you are searching for a specific course, professor or something else more granular, you can always use the "Find" box (control-F, see the image to the left) which will bring you to the first instance of your search in the document and allow you to navigate through the rest of the places where it appears.

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